Gabriel Lass

Artist and designer

Gabriel Lass (Murcia, Spain, 1986) He is an architectural designer and visual artist from Murcia. Since he was little he showed interest in artistic creation and this led him to develop a great career as an exterior and interior designer, winning many awards and mentions for his luxury pools with his own brand.

He began including artistic works in his work as a designer, thus capturing a part of himself in each of his projects. This led him to develop himself as a painter, until he began to train in the plastic and visual arts, studying in different workshops and learning from different artists.

For Gabriel, art is a form of expression of what we carry inside, feelings that can only be reflected through painting.

Believing in the creation process as authentic therapy, a way to abstract and find peace of mind, he combines the abstract style with an impulsive process guided by his own emotions. Inspired by the textures of nature, by the material, combining his designer profile and his knowledge of different materials and textures, he captures images on the canvas that evoke our most primitive and irrational part.

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"I look for inspiration in every brushstroke, in every color, in every texture. The true magic of painting is in letting my imagination fly freely and take me to unexpected places."

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